Before you freak out… no, we are not some kind of crazy anarchists wanting to stir up trouble in your business. Quite the contrary.

We’re a people and culture biz, passionate about channeling the skills, energy and spirit of workplace teams in the right direction. Our clients partner with us to develop the mindset and skill set of their people and leaders, align organisational behaviours, speak the unspoken and forge cultures that connect the hearts and minds of their people.


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There are individual employees, there are groups, even leadership teams who are rioting, right under the noses of you and your leaders daily, without us often even realising it.

More often than not, they are not rioting in the traditional sense of a violent upheaval or even stop work strike… no no, no, we are much sophisticated than that these days.

The riots that are happening in our organisations are often subtle & covert yet exceptionally powerful in terms of the impact on the overall brand & employer perception, not to mention biz performance.

The question we care about at Human Incite is:

How can we create the right kinda riots in our workplaces whereby we can:

  1. create amazing places to work,
  2. drive people performance; and
  3. ultimately smash biz performance!

If you are curious as to what some of these common ‘people’ riots are, if you haven't already, pop in your details above so we can flick you across our sooper cool RIOT Matrix. Not only does it outline the 12 common people riots happening within organisations, it contrasts this to the ‘right kinda’ riots we want to incite.









Disrupting how organisations and their people think and behave to create positive change.



- Individuals willing to step up;

- Leaders worth following; and        

- Cultures worth belonging to.


We're actually one of those businesses who want to make a difference to peoples lives... we know it can sound corny but it's the truth. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us going long into the night.



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We recognise that the business world is changing at a rapid pace, and the people stuff is no different.

Just as we need to be agile in our strategy, we need to be equally as agile with our people leadership and development. Sometimes this means doing things differently.

{have you ever wondered?}


We are in the business of giving insight into how to align team behaviours and build great workplaces. We also give insight into the leadership rituals that will improve performance by getting people working on what matters most right now.

But equally important, we incite action by disrupting business-as-usual and stirring up passion and energy. Direction comes from applying practical frameworks and on-the-job learning that makes the changes sustainable.

We aspire to make a difference at three different levels within your organisation to develop your people and drive your performance


Stepping up the personal leadership, responsibility & productivity of your people.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.29.54 pm.png


Improving people leadership & business performance.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.30.02 pm.png


Creating awesome workplaces where people feel respected, empowered & love coming to work!


We offer our clients some of the coolest, unique development programs to build the capability of your people leaders, help them focus their teams on what really matters and ultimately, build leaders worth following in cultures worth belonging.

HEAR WHAT ONE OF OUR COOLEST, MOST INNOVATIVE CLIENTS thinks about the people leader development program.


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