Our signature program to create awesome workplaces where people feel respected, empowered & love coming to work!

Statistics show us that workplace bullying is on the rise, yet most organisations have had policies & procedures in place for decades.

Yet we reckon what we have done in the past to combat bullying is not working!

Fundamentally, we believe, it’s because logic does not shape our behaviour!

As such we designed our signature program to combat bullying, very differently. It's fair to say, it's not your typical, compliance-based anti-bullying training program.

Essentially, it aims to get to the core of:

- why workplace bullying happens,

- what enables it,

- spark some emotion & speak the elephant in the room; and

- get people passionate about how they can be part of the solution.

It works on the premise that everyone plays an important role in creating the solution (not just the leaders or HR). Ultimately we aim to create workplaces which people love working in and where they have the opportunity to perform at their best.

It is pitched at three levels:

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.52.22 pm.png

The program covers:

WHAT: Clarity & knowledge of what is & is not acceptable behaviour.

WHO: Develop the mindset & skill set to combat bullying.

HOW: The process of how to combat bullying effectively & professionally.

If you are serious about creating awesome places to work, it starts with:

  • uncovering the stories your people are talking about ‘how we do things around here’,
  • aligning behaviours,
  • having conversations that matter; and
  • giving ‘everyone the skills & a voice’ to take responsibility for their actions.

Change the stories within the organisation - change the culture

This is just one of the ways we start to create awesome workplaces, speak to one our team about the other culture stuff that we do!