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Untap the leader within: EVERYONE LEADS!

Stepping up the personal leadership, responsibility & productivity of your people!

This program is aimed at developing employees at all levels of your organisation and untap the leader within.

It unravels why:

  • The focus on engagement and political correctness has put us off course;

  • The way we have done things in the past to drive behaviour & performance isn’t working; and

  • We need to harness the leadership in ALL of us if we want to create sustainable positive change in the 21st century.

This is a 3-6 month development journey and is aimed at stepping up the personal leadership, responsibility and accountability of the participants. It is based on neuro-science, so developed with the brain in mind as well as developing competencies that fit better with the demands of the 21st century.

The program gives participants insights into:

  • Their own behaviour, attitude, competencies - their strengths & limitations;

  • Success strategies & frameworks (based on the brain) to untap the leader within; and

  • How to build resilience and agility to succeed in-spite of tough circumstances.

This program will create the momentum you need to shift responsibility back to the individuals. 

The program is also really flexible in terms of delivery. It can be facilitated face to face workshop/s or a self-paced coaching program is also available (or a mixture of both). We are flexible in our approach to work in with your team. 

Your team will never be the same again!

Love the approachable, personable and realistic method that Blythe takes. Its refreshing to be spoken to by someone who is engaging, not condescending.
— Vi Thang: Sales Team Luxottica NSW

I just wanted to send this email providing some quick feedback regarding Blythe’s session last week at the YES CHAMPIONS 13/14 launch.

I want to firstly start of by saying overall it was a fantastic session! I have been working for Optus nearly 5 years now and by far this has been one of the best sessions I have had the pleasure of being involved in. The key message that stuck most in my mind for the session was the simple notion of, “Am I doing the utmost best everyday when i come into work?”

Personally, I enjoyed the psychological aspect of the presentation which delved into the reasoning behind why we act the way we do in store and how we can overcome certain obstacles and challenges we face in store on a day to day basis. The explanations of some of these theories we were often accompanied by relevant, short, physical activities challenging us to leave our comfort zones to achieve successes we may not think possible in our own minds.

Once again, it was a fantastic session and if Blythe has any advanced modules, I would most definitely put my hand up to be one of the first to attend that session.
— Vince: Store Manager Optus YES SA

We had a wonderful time at our team day. Blythe was very engaging and certainly got everyone thinking! She is so down to earth and has a such a welcoming, positive and beautiful manner which puts people of all ages at ease. That is such a great asset to have!

We had very positive comments from our team today after our “Everyone Leads” workshop (including some from a couple of people that are often very hard to please!). They are the minority in the group but thought the day was our “best one yet!” Blythe was very flexible and went with the flow – we even managed a quick Zumba sessions after lunch, who would have thought 70 male accountants would be up for a bit of Zumba-fun!
— Lindy Chalmers - Twomey's Practice Manager