So we can't tell you everything but we can share some pretty cool projects (at a high level) that we are proud to have been a part of...

Cool Story # 1  DPC

In June 2013 we launched a one day Combat Bullying program to all Department of Premier & Cabinet NSW (DPC) staff (including executives, casuals and temps) followed by the six-month post implementation program. At the same time, we rolled out the program all the 70 staff from Department of Local Government (DLG).      By December 2013, over 500 participants had successfully completed the program and over 28 workshops had been delivered throughout NSW.

Things that were considered with the rollout:

  • Compulsory or not?: It was agreed that everyone needed to attend as otherwise the wrong people would self select themselves and nothing would change at all. Plus it sent a strong message around how serious they were about the topic.
  • Hierarchy of attendance: Should executives attend the same program or get a watered down version? same as above. Workshops were a mixture of all staff at all levels, which was great in terms of learning and sharing and hearing how it really is, also a strong message around seriousness of the topic and the desired change.
  • One day program vs half day: The one day program was agreed on to go beyond typical bullying legislations/info and delve into root causes and the unspoken. The second half aims to build the personal skills of individuals to combat bullying.
  • Workshop only vs 6-month program: the 6-month was agreed upon to drive sustainable change vs tick off compliance where little change occurs after a workshop. Research shows that 70% of learning takes place on the job, so the post implementation program allows this to happen and keeps the topic alive for a long time after the workshop. It also allows for internal messages for the leaders to be shared (eg. Video blog from the Executives).
  • HR Involvement: we partnered very closely with the people & culture team, every session was opened up by an internal member of the team to show this was not an “external program” rather a very collaborative approach.
bullying resources

The feedback was tremendous especially as it was seen as a focus on people’s development and they felt that DPC were leading the way in terms of the fight against workplace bullying (especially as ALL employees attended). 

The initial fear that the program will lead to a rise of claims was completely unfounded. In fact, according to the Director of HR, Karen Davis, it has led to a rise in  people taking personal responsibility for themselves and either taking action at a team level or asking for advice if they were having an issue (vs asking for them to step in). She says it has also led to a rise in people 'calling it like it is' (professionally of course) when any inappropriate behaviour occurs vs ignoring it and allowing things to fester and blow up. CA CHING! That's what this is all about!

Cool Story # 2 DPE

In May 2014 we launched a compulsory half-day "Respect in the Workplace" program to ALL Department of Planning & Environment (DPE) staff in NSW. 535 participants have successfully completed the program to date and we have run 31 workshops throughout NSW for Phase # 1 with more to come. 

Once again the feedback has been outstanding as people are pleasantly surprised with the unique approach this workshop takes. Here is a snapshot of some more hard data that they captured pre & post workshop:

  • "I have a clear understanding of what workplace bullying is"  98% YES (up 18%)
  • "I have a clear understanding of my legal obligations"             93% YES (up 43%)
  • "I feel confident I know what to do if I experience bullying"     92% YES (up 37%)
  • "I feel confident I know what to do if I witness bullying"           93% YES (up 44%)
  • "I feel I have gained the skills to combat bullying"                    87% YES (up 42%)

Cool Story # 3 Quantium

Human Incite were engaged by Quantium to roll out a comprehensive Management Development program to 54 of their key people leaders (many of whom have come straight from university and grown up in the Quanitium business). 

Quantium is Australia's leading data-driven strategy business and are growing at a rapid pace. Since their launch (just over a decade ago) the business has grown in people, clients & revenue FAST. In fact, the team expanded from 200 employees to 300 + in a very short timeframe and are still recruiting amazing people. The impact, of course, is on the 'people area' where many of the team responsible for "leading teams" are brilliant at their technical roles, but have had limited or zero exposure to people leadership.

Hence the need for a Management Development Program designed to give the frameworks and tools to help the people leaders lead their teams to success. It was a very collaborative approach from inception to launch with the ultimate aim of developing the Quantium people leaders in order to drive business outcomes.

This program adopts a blended learning approach with the use of a collaborative online platform to communicate to all the participants in between sessions. The engagement has been a real partnership between the internal HR team at Quantium and the team at Human Incite. In a 12 month time frame, the participants will undergo 11 themes (topics) that are in line with the day to day business & people challenges at hand.

Cool Story # 4 Government Agencies - NT

The half-day program is currently being rolled out across the 500 employees within the four agencies throughout Alice Springs, Darwin and Katherine as well as rolling out across other agencies in the Territory.